This award is named in honor of Dr. Stephen Tsai and is given for the best student paper presented at each ICCM conference. Both undergraduate and graduate students are eligible. The winner is selected from a group of finalists representing each of the ICCM World Regions. Finalists present their papers in a special session before a panel of judges. 

ICCM-21 Xi'an Winner in 2017:

Y. Li (Imperial College London)  "Understanding and Modelling Variability in Modulus and Strength of Tow-based Discontinuous Composites"

Other Finalists: Y. Wan (University of Tokyo), R. Pietrogrande (Robert Bosch GmbH), C. Furtado (Uiversidade do Porto), Q. Li (Tongji University), Y. Qiao (University of Washington), M. Bhasin (RMIT University)

ICCM-20 Copenhagen Winner in 2015 (Two Winners): 

Luigi Gigliotti (Imperial College London), “Enabling Faster Structural Design: Efficient Multiscale Simulation of Large Composite Structures”

Xi Shen (The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology),“Effect of Functionalization of Graphene on Thermal Conductivities of Graphene/Epoxy Composites"

Other Finalists:  Serafina Cosnuelo Garcea (University of Southampton), Valentin Romanov (KU Leuven), Nithya Subramanian (Arizona State University), Hieu Truong (Texas A&M University), and Yi Wan (The University of Tokyo)

ICCM-19 Montreal Winner in 2013: 

Seira Morimune (Kobe University, Japan), for paper entitled "Poly (Vinyl Alcohol)/Graphene Oxide Fiber Prepared by Gel Process"

Other Finalists:  Thomas Cender (University of Delaware, USA),  Anais Farrugia (Institut Clement Ader, France),  Hadi Moussaddy (Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal, Canada),  Robert Pierce (Monash University, Australia),  Andre Wilmes (Imperial College, UK)